Commercial Roofing

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Our sales people are themselves professional roofers with years of experience designing, repairing and constructing roofs. We typically can
inspect and give you a formal proposal that same week you contact us.

When you contact Leaders our sales personnel will:

  • Come out to evaluate your roof
  • Take the time to explain what condition and issues they find
  • Photograph the condition of the roof and to point out specific issues
  • Recommend the best repair solutions
  • Guarantee the project in writing with a formal proposal
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Hot Asphalt SBS
Asphalt is heated in a tanker and transported to the roof by pumping. It is then mopped into place and the modified material is rolled into it.
In order for the sheet to achieve the proper cohesive bond, asphalt must be approximately 400 degrees F. at the point of application.


Modified Bitumen
SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems combine exceptional elongation and fatigue resistance properties with the strength of a glass-reinforced
polyester mat. Bade Roofing offers the following Modified Bitumen installation options:


Fully Adhered EPDM
A fully adhered system attaches the membrane to a suitable substrate by means of contact adhesive spread on the underside of the membrane and
the underlaying substrate. The primary advantage to this type of system is that it is lightweight, does not have severe slope limitations and is
easy to maintain.


TPO Roofing System
Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membranes are ideally suited for virtually all commercial, industrial and institutional applications.
Fire and wind resistant, they come in a variety of colors and affording flexibility and durability. TPO roofing systems can be installed using
several methods


      Commercial Roofing